My Introduction…

First and foremost, I am a Journalist. I have always loved writing and telling stories. I used poetry as a means to express my feelings as a teenager and I think this lead me to an interest in magazine writing which made me want to study the art of Journalism after school. Today I have been in the industry for nearly four years and thoroughly love it!

I was one of the lucky few who ‘walked’ into a magazine post, as our lectures drilled it into us that we would have to pay our dues in newspaper, (aka. hard news) journalism first. I on the other hand got lucky!

Writing for a living, has led me to this blog. I spend my days meeting people, attending glamorous events and writing about people so why not write a little about myself, what I get up to and about the things I love?

I am a writer. I am an animal lover. I love to photograph anything beautiful. I love anything crafty. I love fashion. I am a wife. I am a Christian. I am a mom to my two fluffy friends. I am a foodie. I am adventurous. I am plus size.

I grew up as a pudgy girl, not very popular, I was always conscious of my weight and this made me shy and reserved.

After years of trying to become a ‘skinny girl’ and beating myself up about it, I made peace with who I was and to work with what I have! Today I am quite the opposite of who I used to be. I mingle in the ‘celeb/social scene’ – I take pride in the way I look, embrace my curves and proudly state that I am plus size and I love it!

Being plus size isn’t a sickness. It isn’t a bad thing. It doesn’t make you unhealthy or gross.

Being plus size is beautiful. Being plus size is real. Being plus size means you know your flaws and you know how to make them work for you!

I try and stay on trend with the latest fashion and as a plus size ‘real girl’ I use these trends in my own way and make it work for me, my body shape and my personality!

I often have people compliment me and ask me where I find my clothes and tell me that I inspire them to love who they are (and these generally come from people who are skinny…) – even skinny girls have confidence issues… we all suffer with our image!

The truth is… I find my clothes the same place skinny girls do too… Mr Price, Edgars, Woolies, Top Shop, Foschini etc…

I am a size 16 and I know who I am. Through this blog, I want to inspire others, skinny or plus size to love themselves. To take that #Selfie, to put your arm on your hip and imagine you are a model when you pose for that photograph, because you are only as beautiful as you feel and the reality is… confidence is sexy! If you think you are beautiful and are happy within, this shows and people will be drawn to you!

I will be using this blog as my personal space to show you what I am wearing, new or old products I love, places I visit, people I love and snippets of my life!

You can follow me on social media to stay in touch with my day yo day activities:

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5 thoughts on “My Introduction…

  1. This is amazing, what you have wrote here has made me think a little and has also given me a different out look. Thanks for this it’s really made my day. I look forward to reading and seeing your next blog.


  2. What an inspiring blog. Having had the privilege to have known you since school, I have been able to witness your full 180º transformation. Q you have been and will always continue to be a beautiful, strong and inspiring person. Keep up the outstanding job. I’ll be waiting for the next post!


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