Monrobe Monday – OOTD – Horizontal Stripes

Horizontal stripes have always been one of those ‘avoid’ at all cost – even my husband knows that horizontal stripes are suppose to make you look fatter. But hey… if you can rock it – WHY NOT! 🙂

But I adore this high-waisted skirt! There is just something about it!

High-waisted skirt – Mr Price
White tank top – Pick n Pay Clothing
Denim button up – Mr Price
Neckpiece – Lovisa
Sunglasses – POLO
Shoes – Holster

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2 thoughts on “Monrobe Monday – OOTD – Horizontal Stripes

  1. Monique, it is apparently a fallacy that horizontal stripes make one look fatter. Some mathematician or other has done tests and proved this to be untrue. I remember reading about it some years ago. There were pics attached to the story which very clearly proved the point. The vertical striped dress, identical cut, created a bigger impression!

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