Monrobe’s Make Up Essentials

I only started wearing make up after finishing school at 19, and for those of my followers who don’t know – I lost my mom at the beginning of Matric at the age of 18 so I never had my mom teach me how to do my make up.
I was always told by my mom that I should wait as long as I can before I start wearing make up for aging reasons and so on…
So when I left school I had to teach myself… Finding what worked for me took some time… A lot of ‘face palm’ moments looking back on photos of myself now with waaaayy to dark foundation etc… But at the age of 25 I have my signature ‘face’ mapped! I rarely ever change my make up but rather do the same look at every day… The only thing I change is lighter or heavier make up for day and night make up OH and the Colour of my lips! I LOVE pink and red lipstick and I tend to carry around 5 or 6 sticks in my handbag at any given time! Having completely taught myself through experimenting over time I have learnt that good brushes are key to good make up and adore my blush brush and eyeshadow brush!
I tend to stick to a layer of base, brown eyelids, a line of eyeliner, some mascara and of course my favourite – very rosy pink cheeks!
As for brands that I love – I love Yardley purely because of their price and quality for what you pay! I use to use their BB Cream foundation but found that a R100 bottle of foundation that lasted me 2 weeks was not great so found cheaper and an equally as nice BB Cream from Essence! (My FAV nail polish brand!)
As for my lipstick – Revlon’s Just Bitten is my treat!!
Inside my Lou Harvey make up bag:
Foundation: Essences’s all-in-one BB Cream
Blush: Yardley
Mascara: Rimmel’s Extra WOW Lash
Eyeliner: Accessorize
Grey eyeshadow: Rimmel
Lipsticks: Revlon Just Bitten
Bronzer: Physicians Formula
IMG_0956-0 IMG_0958
Let me know what your favourite brands are and if you have your own signature ‘face’ you paint on everyday too 🙂

Get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you…

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