Monrobe’s Dermalogica Experience

I was introduced to the amazing Dermalogica brand when visiting Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio Ballito recently (see my Monrobe Favourites – My Perfect 10’s post here). I met their very own Business Consultant, Jamila Gaibie who introduced me to the brand.

I have always had problem skin. It is in my genes. I have always suffered with acne and it tends to come and go and with  my polycystic ovary syndrome I suffer from a hormonal imbalance so all in all – this does not help my breakout issues.

I think we tend to think that people who work for these brands all have amazing skin and have never suffered the problems that most people do with their skin. Much to my surprise, Jamila told me her story and how she also suffered from acne and has managed to control her breakouts and in fact she wasn’t even wearing make up when I met her. I cannot remember the last time I was comfortable enough with the state of my skin that I could walk around with no make up!

Jamila was kind enough to ask me how I felt with my skin and what my concerns were before doing their unique Face Mapping whereby they analyse your skin zone by zone and define your problem areas and somewhat ‘decode’ your skin needs. From what I understood is that Dermalogica is truly passionate about not only changing skin but lives too through their philosophy of educating their clients on their skin! I was shocked to hear that what I thought was terrible skin that would never heal, is treatable and is not as bad as I thought it was.

Jamila went a head and did the Dermalogica Microzone treatment which is a 20 minute treatment that focuses on treating a certain skin conditions or zones. The products they use are super concentrated and aim to rehydrate your skin.


I can honestly say that my skin looked a lot better after the facial then when I woke up that day and I was able to walk out the salon without any damage, redness or irritation on the skin. It was not only relaxing but it can be done during a weekday while on your lunch break and you will still be able to go back to work without anyone noticing any negative change to your skin.

Jamila recommended some Dermalogica products for me to take home and try begin a daily routine. I was given the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel to use daily – only a 10c piece amount so a 250ml should last you up to six months (that is really worth it if you do the maths!), the Dermalogica Daily Mircofoliant to also use daily to exfoliate the skin, a handbag sided Dermalogica Multi-Active Toner (really handy to spritz on when I need to cool down any redness or burning irritation from the heat) and their new Dermalogica Breakout Control gel to help clear and prevent further breakouts to my skin.


Now I must admit these products are expensive – you wouldn’t expect one of the best skin care products to be any cheaper. BUT… what I failed to consider is these bottles and treatments last months… the products are really concentrated and you are only required to put small amounts on your skin… therefore they last months at a time! When you add all the products recommended by your therapist – divide it by the six months it will last and in fact it is not very pricy per month! You just need to learn to save up every month!

I have been following my perspired skincare routine given to me by Jamila and I have booked my Dermalogica Micro-zone facials for the next three months and I am very curious to see how well my skin responds to their products. So far, it has been two weeks since starting their products and I can say that I can feel that my skin is feeling a lot more hydrated, it isn’t breaking out as badly as it has been over the past couple of months, it is feeling healthier, less irritated and I can definitely see a gradual improvement.

As for the products – they are gentle on my skin, easy to follow and to use and there is no burning, itchiness or strong potent smells to the products which makes me feel like their products are natural and are not harming my skin in anyway but rather giving my skin what it needs! I have taken a before photo and I hope to share my results in a couple of months of using this product and share the change with you all!

Do you follow a strict daily skin care routine? Have you got problem skin and what have you found works? I would love to hear from you!

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To book your Dermalogica Micro-Zone Facial and Face Mapping contact Perfect 10 Nail and Body Studio Ballito on 032 586 3368 or visit their Facebook page here!

For more information about Dermalogica visit their website:






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