Monrobe Favourites – Jockey Or Nothing!

I was introduced to this amazing brand over four years ago when I started working as a Journalist at my magazine. I attended the annual Jockey fashion show which is always amazing and every year it just gets better and better! They pull out all the stops and put on an amazing showcase showing off their brand new ranges on the runway. Now if your perception was anything like mine – I always thought that Jockey was ‘boring granny panties’ and they were not sexy or stylish – but simply comfy – I was WRONG!


I have come to know Jockey to be a brand that has been in the industry for over a hundred years and in my opinion is one of the leading brand of undies by far! Each year I have witnessed this renowned brand celebrate individuality and continue to push the envelope with more and more beautifully designed and constructed undies!

Although Jockey do produce amazingly comfy ‘granny panties’ as we like to call them, which I am a huge fan of, (High waisted panties are my fav) but Jockey do make amazing silky and sexy panties in all cuts and fits including french, knicker shorts, bikini and full briefs. I personally love the jockey stretch strap along the panty – to me that is the Jockey brand! They also have a lot of fun colours and prints which give their undies a playful, youthful feel which I personally love!


One of my favourite products of theirs are their ‘No Panty Line Promise‘ range and it does just that – no panty lines! They offer a really buttery smooth finish and has a soft touch heat seal inner and outer label to ensure the panties fit naturally on your waistline.

Another product of theirs that I love for gym is their cotton stretch crop tops with built up shoulder strap and an elastic support under bust. They are also great to sleep in just to provide some support without leaving you feeling constricted.


I personally love the brand because of the quality and fit of their garments and only wear Jockey, so their slogan ‘Jockey or Nothing’ definitely rings true for me!

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