Monrobe’s How to Pack Guide

In style… end of this blog post 🙂

No honestly, you need a super stylish luggage set or bag that is not only amazing quality but easy to cart around and super nice to look at! When you walk through the airport doors – you need to know YOU HAVE ARRIVED!

Haha! In all seriousness, I recently took a trip down to Johannesburg for work and my friend Hanrie suggested a put together a blog post about how to pack and I thought why not!

Being the fashionista that I am – I first and foremost have to outfit plan what I am going to wear for how ever many days I will be away for. The easiest way for me to do this is to lay out in piles what I am going to wear and bundle them together – From what bottoms I am going to wear (jeans or a skirt) to the top, a jersey or jacket, the shoes and the accessories. This includes the clothes I am going to wear the morning of my flight (which I will leave to one side) – this will only apply to you if you pack the day before you leave.

IMG_3387 IMG_3388IMG_3386

Once I have my clothes laid out on my bed or a table and pack them in their bundles in the bag (except for the shoes and accessories.) I like to pack my outfits towards the bottom of my bag and pack onto of this – putting my sleep clothes at the top because depending on what time you will arrive at your hotel/place you are staying – you may not have time to unpack your bag and you’ll need your PJs first.


I tend to pack my shoes in the pouch on the side of my bag and pack my accessories into their own little bags to keep them from any possible damage. When you order Clique Fashion accessories online they come in these amazing velvet tie bags so I keep them in there.



My toiletries, make up and my hair appliances are always my last things I pack so these tend to be at the top of my bag.

IMG_3395 IMG_3396

My travel essentials:
ID/Drivers licence & a print out of flight, car rental and accommodation details – for obvious reasons
Cable ties – to make sure your belongings doesn’t grow legs 🙂


My iPhone & charger – to let the husband know I am boarding and have landed safely and to check in 🙂
My MacBook Pro – to catch up on work, emails and social media while at the airport
A magazine or book (or two – depending on how long your flight is)
Bubblegum – Prevents your ears for ‘popping’
My point and shoot camera – to document life as it happens 🙂
A coffee – especially for early morning flights – there is nothing like a vida e cappuccino to get me up and ready to take on the day!



Safe travels!

Wearing: Woolworths kimono and Lauren Ginn Accessories necklace


Until next time… Love Monique x

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