Monrobe Loves – Metallic Tattoos

I got a bunch of awesome metallic tattoo packs from Clique Fashion Accessories a while back and have loved playing around with these fun and fashionable accessories.

They are all the rage at the moment and they are so versatile – worn to the beach or more dressy with evening wear. They look amazing just by themselves and they look awesome paired with other accessories!

From rings, bracelets, necklaces to stand alone ‘tattoos’ these packs are amazing!

They are this easy to use: 

Cut out the tattoo you wish to use


Peel off the clear sheet from the paper


Apply to skin with the help of a little water on a face cloth (Just like when we were kids)

4 5 6

Peel off the paper and the tattoo should have transferred itself


And volia! They should last between four to six days with regular washing. If you need to remove them sooner than it comes off with baby oil.

10 9 8 11

Get your Blue Tattoo packs for just R100 a sheet from the Clique online store here!

OPI Gel nails by Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio Ballito

Until next time…

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