Monrobe – My Perfect 10 Visit

I paid Perfect 10 Ballito a visit last week to redo my OPI Gel nails and have my monthly Dermalogica facial. I was pleasantly suprized at how long my previous set of OPI Gel mani and pedi lasted! I am really hard on my nails and I tend to always have my fingers in my mouth and my mani still lasted a good four weeks! So worth the money spent on pretty nails for a whole month!

I always love visiting the Perfect 10 Ballito studio, the ladies are always so welcoming and friendly! It was straight into the mani station chair to soak off the gel on my hands and feet. How funny do I look with my tinfoil fingers? I had to take a pic 🙂


After soaking them off it was choosing my colour – after having had the beautiful glittery pewter on my nails I wanted to go for something lighter and brighter so I chose a greeny/aqua colour with lillic ring fingers to give it some fun! I am just crazy about the names that OPI give their polishes.

The green colour is called ‘My dogsled is a hybrid’ and the purple is called ‘Do you lilac it?’ Haha how cool!

IMG_3597IMG_3593 IMG_3594

Even my toes looked fab!


Next up it was time for some relaxation in their treatment room for my Dermalogica facial. Dimmed lights, scented candle and some soft music, it was time to enjoy some quite time while the therapist treated my skin… oh and a little massage! I nearly fell asleep it was so good! Reminded me that I need to book a full body massage soon!

IMG_3602 IMG_3606 IMG_3603


It has been a month since my first Dermalogica facial and using my prescribed Dermalogica products and I can show some progress since my first and second facial:

1st Facial
First facial
2nd Facial
Second facial after using Dermalogica for a month

My skin has definitely improved along my jaw line, redness has decreased and it is not feeling as irritated as it did before starting the treatment. I am so happy with the progress!

Nails and facial done by – Perfect 10 Nail & Body Studio Ballito, 032 586 3368,

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