Monrobe Hair Tutorial

I have had a few messages from my amazing followers and friends asking me how I do my hair, what I use to puff it up so thank you! You have inspired this post! I shot these images before going to the salon to redo my ombre so my hair colour and length has changed slightly since shooting these images… something for you to look forward to when I upload my new Monrobe OOTD on Monday 🙂

I love hearing from my followers what they want to see more of or even asking me anything so please comment, contact me or pop me a message on anyone of my social media pages with any requests 🙂

So here it goes…

I have a lot of hair and it is curly! I use to hate my hair growing up – it was unmanageable and I always wished for smooth straight hair but as I have grown older I have become a huge fan of my locks! I guess like anything… you have to learn how to work with and manage what you have… what works for you! Well it look some time and through trial and error I have my signature ‘go to’ do!

I hate flat hair (ironically) and always tend to puff it up! You will rarely see me with a pony tale or hair in my face! Having a lot of hair on my head I tend to tie it away from my face just to take the ‘bulk’ away from my face but rather flick it to one side all ‘neat and tamed’ LOL!

This is the natural state of my hair – washed, brushed and left to dry on its own.

So here is how I manage my mane!

  • I have extremely curly hair – I wash and brush any knots out and leave it to dry over night – I don’t ever brush it again until I wash it again  (unless I want to straighten it).
  • I have natural curls and if I brush my hair once dry it turns onto frizz!
  • I use both my GHD straightener and my Genesis curling tong along with a lot of hair spray and a comb (not a brush) to manage my curls.3

Ok with that said here are some steps on how I manage my curls:

Step one:
I start by straightening the top and sides of my hair – it works best when you part your hair into a middle path and straighten only 5 or 8 cms on the top to smooth out any kinks.


Step two: 
Next I straighten only 5 cms of the ends of my hair.


Step three: 
I then part my hair into two and clip the one side up. Starting from the back of my hair I start curling (from the bottom – minus the 5cms I straightened on the bottom) using my Genesis curling tong. My natural curls are still frizzy so I use a curling tong to shape my curls and make them prettier 🙂

6 7
After every completed curl I use hair spray to keep it in place.


Step four: 
Once I have completed curling both sides I use a comb (inserted not more than 5 cms into the hair) to ‘gather’ my hair starting from one side to the other using my hand to keep it in place.

9 1011

Use your hand to hold the hair and then twist it together.


Step five:
Once you have twisted the hair, push the puff up (depending on how big you want it to look) and using two bobby pins – one from the left and one from the right – slide them into your hair to hold the poof in place.

13 14  15

Step six: 
Once your puff is in place pray some hair spray on it to give it some extra support! I like to pull all my hair to one side to rest on my shoulder but it is completely up to you how you wish for the rest of your hair to fall!


And viola! 

16 17


  • The ‘tightness’ of the two bobby pins you use is vital! I find Woolworth’s bobby pins are the strongest. Others tend to break or don’t stay in place and your puff will flatten before you even get to your party!


  • Hair spray will definitely keep your curls and puff in place – I am very generous with hair spray on my head when I am going to a function however don’t spray too close to your hair else it will look like candy floss and look gooy! Pray at least 20 cms away from your hair.
  • Remember that your hair will fall how it usually falls – if you wear your hair the same way every day for example a middle path – your hair is likely to fall back into that. My hair is use to this style because I have taught it to – so be patient and practice!

If you attempt my signature do I would love to see you rocking it! Using the hashtag #MonrobeHair share your pics with me!

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