Monrobe Visits Sarah Elizabeth

I think one of the biggest struggles any plus size girl and in fact most women struggle with is knowing what their proper bra size is, finding the right fit, their most comfortable style and for us, plus size ladies… finding where we can purchase these sizes.

I for one, know that I battle. Most stores like Mr Price for example only stock up to a 36DD, Woolies go up to an E or F, but the reality is these may look like they fit but at the end of the day you end up with red indentations in your skin, your boobs are sore and you cannot wait to take off your bra! This always leaves me wondering how much damage I am doing to my breast tissue and my health, and if my bra is giving me the ‘lift’ I need and wondering if my boobs are hanging on my tummy! Not a good look!

I had previously been to a professional bra fitter after she pointed out that I was wearing the wrong bra size and funny enough once she pointed it out and I looked back on photographs of myself… well I noticed too!

I guess you can call it ignorance… You don’t know any better as you walk into a shop at a young age and with the help of your mom or alone and try figure out the bra thing! So you notice they come in AA, A, B, C, D and DD and you are either a 32, 34, 36 or so on… so I must find a fit somewhere here right?

Wrong! Round about the age when you are shopping for a bra, most of us are too shy to use the ‘free measuring services’ some department stores offer by ask the lady at Edgars to help us by measuring us… it just doesn’t seem like it is professional or that I will feel comfortable undressing in front of her.

For us plus size ladies finding these bras are an issue. I am a 40GG and stores like Edgars or Woolies just don’t stock these sizes! When I came across Sarah Elizabeth I jumped at the opportunity to go see her and discuss my bra frustrations.

Her home studio is situated in Salt Rock on the North Coast at her gorgeous home. Upon meeting owner Sarah Swainson, I automatically felt at ease. Over coffee we discussed my bra frustrations which included; not knowing where to find affordable bras in my size, how I felt I needed the right support to define my shape and to flatter my cleavage. She then took me to her beautiful fitting room.

In the fitting room sat a beautiful bed with cute #Make yourself comfortable cushions lie on the bed, a railing of stunning bras are displayed alongside the wall with silky and fabric gowns hang on the cupboards while Michael Bublé play softly in the background. It was hard not to make myself comfy!

IMG_4171 IMG_4173IMG_4174

I gave Sarah a rough estimate of what I was told to be when I previously visited the professional fitter so we used this as a starting point to try on some gorgeous bras!

Straight away, from taking off my old bra to fitting these gorgeous bras I could feel the quality – the fabric to the buckles – they are top quality! Really made to last!

IMG_4175 IMG_4176

We tried on a few different styles, ranging in sizes until I felt comfortable with the bra. Sarah believes that one should judge a bra by how it feels on you. It should be supportive, comfortable and you should feel great wearing it rather than going by what the measuring tape says.

I chose a stunning leopard print and floral two piece in my size – I love that although it is not a regular ‘run of the mill’ size that I got to choose a funky pattern and that it doesn’t have to look like grannies bra!


Sarah then wrapped it up beautifully and I was on my way!


I couldn’t wait to put on the set when getting home and took them for a spin out immediately and I cannot put into words how much more amazing it feels to actually feel supported and not to mention how amazing they look! My shape took form and rather than having a uni-boob or having my boobs hanging over my waist – I could actually see my waist and the definition of my shape with some HOT cleavage!

Old bra
New bra

And the best part… Sarah Elizabeth has an online store so now that I have seen her for my professional fitting and I know my size I can just order online now and get the bras delivered right to my door free of charge! I cannot wait to do some shopping 🙂

Here is what I learnt from my professional fitting:

• When putting on the bra, I need to bend over and allow my breasts to fall naturally into the cups. By putting a hand into each breast cup and making sure my breasts fill the cup. The centre of the bra should lie flat against the breastbone.

• The bra cups needs to be smooth, with no wrinkles.

• The back of the bra should rest comfortably against the middle of my back.

• The band should be snug on the loosest hook so that when the band stretches, I can continue to tighten it and get more life out of my bra.

To get in contact with Sarah to book your fitting or to purchase a stunning new set visit their website: / Facebook:

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