Monrobe Loves – Catrice Bases

Due to my horrible acne prone skin using a anti-red base is a must for when my skin is feeling and looking inflamed but I have battled to find one that is not only affordable but works! So when I noticed this green little bottle on the Catrice stand at Red Square I grabbed it!


I am not sure if this Catrice Prime and Fine Anti-Red base is a new product or a long standing offering but it was the first time I saw it. At just R79, 95 a bottle I was sold! Unlike other 30ml bottles of base, this little bottle has really lasted me since you literally need a drop to cover up the redness.


Not only is it long lasting but it leaves my skin feeling hydrated and neutralises any redness on my face.

I am a huge fan!

Since being slowly introduced to the Catrice brand I thought I would try one of their bases. I noticed their 3 in 1 skin tone adapting make up base – also a 30ml bottle. It is a really cute attractive little bottle. A little more expensive than the usual Essence base I usually use at just over R100 but I thought I would give it a try.

IMG_3645 IMG_3644

I have tried skin adapting bases before and I have never really found one that gives me even coverage. This little bottle unfortunately wasn’t any different! It comes out as a white liquid and you kind of rub it until it suits your skin tone. I find these bases ‘patchy’ and never really give me the coverage I need. Even though I picked up the ‘lighter skin 010’ base I still found it to be too dark.

Have you tried these products? Let me know your thoughts or suggest a product you love!

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One thought on “Monrobe Loves – Catrice Bases

  1. I’m actually using the anti red base at the moment a spoil I got from #CTmeetup I love it because I too have very blotchy red skin.


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