Monrobe OOTD – Print & Leather

I was invited by my stunning friend and designer, Hanrie Lues to the We are Africa Fashion Spectacular in association with SA Fashion Week (what a mouthful) where she was exhibiting a look. Her dress code was brief, no jeans! Well the first thing that popped into my mind was ‘BUT I wanted to wear jeans!’ haha! So the challenge was to look smart – think JHB social scene smart without wearing jeans… blue or black – regardless!

Luckily when I popped into MRP on Saturday morning after breakfast with my husband did I spot these stunning printed pants! Well my first thought was… hmm I love the print (Cause you know how much I love my prints) and I doubt they will fit but let me grab them and if they don’t fit – I’ll return them (because when your husband is standing outside the store waiting patiently for you… you don’t have time to try on things!)

I find being plus size, a 40 isn’t always a 40… it all depends on the fabric and cut of the pants. So when I tried these pants on at home and they not only fit super comfy, they looked awesome! Well at least I think they do and when you think you look awesome, you will look awesome!

Paired with white, a colour I don’t own a lot of because a) white stains so easily and my base tends to stain around the neckline in no time 😦 and b) white ‘makes you look fat’ – well in this case I showed white who is boss! I broke up the white with a contrasting sleeveless leather jacket and matched the white top off with a pair of wedges I had in a ‘to get rid of pile’ which I had second thoughts to – I think I’ll hold onto them for a little longer because I loved this look.

In terms of accessories, a gunmetal black statement piece I love from Clique along with a black and white clutch and midi ring!

I think I looked ‘high fashion’ enough… what do you think? Did I represent us plus size girls well enough?

Pants – MRP
White shirt – MRP
Wedges – Identity
Necklace – Gothica Jewel by Clique Fashion
Clutch – Zoey Monochrome by Clique Fashion
Midi ring – Lovisa

OPI Gel nails by Perfect 10 Ballito

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This was Hanrie and I at the We are Africa Fashion Spectacular in association with SA Fashion Week



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