Monrobe Loves – eos Lip balm

I’ve never really been a fan of lip balms in general but when I was introduced to the eos lip balm range I was in awe! I mean just the look of these balms are amazing. They are really cute, from the shape to the colours… I am in love!

Most of the eos lip balms come in packs of three or four so you can literally stick one everywhere… I have one in my handbag, next to my bed, in my office, in the car… there is no reason for my lips not to look amazing at all times!


Their slogan is ‘the lip balm that makes you smile’ and it couldn’t be more true – the half moon roundness of the actual balm when you take the lid off is perfect for application. You can literally put your lips over the half moon and both your lips are being equally applied onto – even with a smile!

Besides the awesomeness of the look, they come in amazing flavours including sweet mint, strawberry sorbet, summer fruit and honeysuckle to name a few. They don’t only taste amazing on your lips but they are so fragrant that you could swear you are wearing perfume!

The best part – eos lip balms are 95% organic and 100% natural and is loaded with nourishing shea butter, vitamin E and jojoba oil which ensures your lips stay super-soft and sensationally smooth!

eos lip balm is available from The Bikini Club –


Nails by Perfect 10 Ballito

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