Monrobe OOTD – Pink & Denim

I am loving casual, comfy looks at the moment that I can literally just slide on with no hassle, grab a necklace for my neck and a little jacket for extra warmth and go! In Durbs we don’t do Winter – a typical Winters day for us is like 20 plus deg so this is the perfect casual about town look.

MRP are brining in amazing casual (but can be dressed up) joggers – I adore prints and love the fact that this print has the element of pink in so I could pull out this oversized t-shirt and my blush Holsters out and ta-da!


Shirt – MRP
Pants – MRP
Denim jacket – Identity
Shoes – Holster
Handbag – Topshop
Necklace – Lauren Ginn Accessories
Midi rings – Lovisa
Sunglasses – Accessorize
Nails by Perfect 10 Ballito

7 85


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