10 Random Facts About Me

For those of you who just know me by my handle, this one is for you. I thought I would give you some further insight into who I am outside of my Monrobe style shots and activity on Instagram. So here are 10 random facts about me:

Me 3

1. I was fortunate enough to meet my husband Brett at the age of 18, I midway through Matric when we started dating and we will be celebrating seven years together on Saturday and Sunday will be our first wedding anniversary.

2. I have a terrible fear of escalators and have not stepped on one for a year! It is a fear that only started within the past two years – out of no where! I find myself panicking and cannot step on the stair when I am faced in front of an escalator. Fortunately my husband is very accommodating and takes the lift with me everywhere (even though he isn’t a fan of lifts.. sweet hey!)

3. I used to write poetry when I was younger and have had three poems published in books. I always knew I wanted to become a Journalist since I was a teenager. I used to purchase every edition of Saltwater Girl Magazine and I believe it was this magazine that confirmed writing and specifically magazine writing was what I wanted to do. It was a dream come true doing a short internship with them during my final year of my journalism studies and to go on two freelance for them for two editions.

4. I never drink a slush puppy with a straw! Try it!

5. I am obsessed with nail polish! I have a large Tupperware filled to the brim with nearly every colour you could imagine! I regularly change up my nail colour to suit my look for the day and love trying out nail art and decals.

Me 11

6. My life changed when I committed my love to Jesus. My faith is something I hold near to my heart because loosing my mom at the age of 18, I could never have imagined living my life without her by my side. She was my biggest fan, my mom and my dad, my family, my best friend and the one who loved me the most. Since meeting Brett who’s a Christian, I gave my life to Jesus and my life is a testiment of God’s work in my life. I have gone on to accomplish this amazing life I live only because of God’s grace.

7. I am obsessed with reality TV! I am a sucker for all these cheesy reality TV shows. From the Real Housewives to Catfish! I love watching reality TV! People’s lives fascinate me!

8. I am an avid scrapbooker! My friends know me to always have a camera on hand to document everything we do! I have completed over 10 scrapbooks  which I started just before my mom died. I think my love of photographs and documenting life stems from the fact that now that I no longer have my mum with me and I only have five recent photographs of her so I literally document everything!

9. I have met Khloe Kardashian! By far the most famous person I have met according to US standards. My friend and I went to go fix her dress in her and French Montana’s dressing room at the African MTV Music Awards last year.

10. I am a breakfast person! Breakfast is by far my favourite meal of the day! Nothing beats an English breakfast on a Saturday or Sunday!

Anything you want to know about me? Please comment below or leave a comment on my Facebook or Instagram page with your question and I’ll be sure to another get to know me blog post!

Get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you…

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