Monrobe Loves – Latex Matt Nails and Nail Decals

Izabelle Hammon Africa got in touch with me and dropped off the most amazing little black box for me to play around with. They are an edgy long lasting nail brand that have the most amazing nail decal kit that allows you to make catwalk ready nails in an instant!

Most decal packs or nail art packs I have tried tend to peel off or are hard to use but when trying the Izabelle Hammon Africa decal packs, I was pleasantly suprised! Not only do they have the most amazing designs to play around with like lines, flowers and shapes, they are really good quality – in fact you have to really rub the cotton wool with remover on harder than usual to remove the decal.

I have always loved playing around with my nails and am forever changing the colour of my polish and trying nail art so these are amazing!

I also came across Essence’s new range of nail polishes. I am a huge fan of this brand – they always push the envelop and come out with the most amazing things at such an affordable price! Their new range of effect nail polishes are so fun! I played around with their latex matt black polish with the Izabelle Hammon Africa decals to create my own catwalk ready look!


What do you think?

Izabelle Hammon Africa decal pack
Essence Effect Nail Polish – Latex Matt 32 – the black cat

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