Monrobe OOTD – Bianca Warren Lace Gown

I few weeks back I was fortunate enough to be dressed by the amazingly talented Bianca Warren (see post here) and she asked to dress me again for the July pre-party that happens every year at Gateway.

When it came to the brief – it was simple – I don’t want my arms showing (yes… that’s my one thing I am insecure about) and that it needs to be flowy! The rest was completely up to Bianca.

To say I was blown away at my first fitting is an understatment! I felt like such a princess! I adored the choice of fabric, the colours, the fit! I was just in awe! Even when I whatsapped my husband the pic of me in the dress – I literally got one word in response… ‘WOW’!


I couldn’t wait to show off this amazing creation at the function and it seems to  be a Bianca Warren signature look because everyone seemed to identify the designer on the night.

I will def be wearing this baby a lot!

Thank you Bianca!

Dress – Bianca Warren Designs
Earrings – Lydia by Clique Fashion Accessories
Clutch – Staci Roxx by Clique Fashion Accessories
Ring – Lovisa
Nails – oh air! by Essence the Gel Nail Polish

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