Monrobe OOTD – VDJ 2015 Look

So I won’t lie I have been wanting a ‘leather’ high waisted skirt for the longest time! I spotted one at a fashion show recently and my jaw dropped!

I think every girl needs one of these skirts – I literally cannot wait to play around with this skirt! I can just see it – paired with a denim button up and a pair of Tomy takkies – just wait! This won’t be the last you see of this skirt!

This was a look I wore to the Vodacom Durban July last Saturday. I chose not to stick to theme because I would rather have something I will wear again but Hanrie, the designer and I decided that it needed some shimmer to make it stand out. Oh and this colour needs a mention – love it! Not a colour I have ever worn before but adore what it did for me!

Skirt and top – Hanrie Lues Bespoke Bridal
Pumps – Holster SA
Clutch bag – Topshop SA
Earrings – Lovisa
Hair piece – Lovisa 
Silver cuff – Tayla Silver by Clique Fashion

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