Monrobe – Well I Am – Week 1

If you missed my last blog post about the introduction into my Well I Am journey and the reasoning behind why I chose to sign up, you can do some catch up reading here!

I think any life change or decision is a hard one. We become accustom to a certain way of life, a way of thinking and a way of doing… often without realising it. I challenge myself in my faith on a daily, weekly basis but I don’t think I do the same in my personal health and fitness. You tend to get stuck in a comfort zone!

Exercising is a task for me. Eating healthy and watching what I eat is challenging. I often don’t find myself sitting down and assessing a. how hard am I pushing at gym, am I getting the results I want and most importantly… am I reaching my goals? With my eating habits – a. Am I balancing my diet, b. Am I listening to what my body needs? c. Am I drinking enough water?

I have found past diets, lifestyle changes have been destined for failure because – a. My heart wasn’t in it and b. I have been too weak to stick to a change.

But… with Well I Am – my heart is in the right place and I am strong because my God is strong and he wants me to be strong. Reading my bible and I am finding verses to inspire me when I feel weak have inspired me to push… I feel completely ready to change my life and make a healthy baby home for my future baby Delport!

Week one of my Well I Am journey was a tough one. Cutting out sugar and carbs has been a challenge – being in the industry I am completely cutting out carbs and sugar is unrealistic – however say that – I am more aware and making a conscious effort to watch and pay attention to what I eat.

You only realise how much your body depends on something when you stop giving your body it… I realised quickly that my body loves sugar. I experienced the shakes for the first two days with massive cravings but a week in – I have little or no cravings!

I am following the Banting diet – if you have never heard of it – it is a low carb, high fat diet where you basically cut out all carbs and sugar and eat fat. Fatty meat, bacon, eggs, cheese, avos…. sounds yummy right? All you can eat fat with the simple rule of – stop eating when you are full!

You cannot believe how full you are having two hard boiled eggs and two rashes of bacon for breakfast! There have been a couple of days where I have not needed to eat lunch because I am so full from breakfast!

My basic menu for this week has been:

Two hard boiled eggs and two/three rashes of bacon


Half an avo with 1/4 piece of feta and a rash of bacon


Steak/sausage with a salad with avo/steamed veggies



Snacks include (to curb the cravings)
An apple
Strawberries and cream

Water only

Working Out: 
In terms of exercise I have been pushing hard one day, taking it easier the next day four days a week burning 250 – 350 calories at the gym doing cardio and on the fifth day I have roped a friend in to do a 5km walk on the Umhlanga promenade. The weekend I let my body recover.

How I am feeling:
I am enjoying this diet so much that I am finding it hard to believe you actually lose weight but the scale doesn’t lie – I am down 2.5Kgs.
I am feeling strong, motivated and enjoying the cooking.


I got my husband to take my before photos and I have logged my health status at Dischem. And I received my Biogen starter kit, Well I Am wellness kit with all the newest and best health products out at the moment and my Sistema hamper with the niftiest containers to pack my breakfast and lunches to have on the go for my busy schedule as well as some Dischem Lifestyle Food packs which I am loving. It is amazing what you can do with the amazing flours and seeds they sell.



Brett and I did some experimenting in the kitchen with them this past weekend and we made banting bread! A carb alternative! The Banting book ‘The Meal Revolution’ is filled with carb alternatives including tortillas, mash, rice, pasta and hotcakes!


What I have learnt this week:
I need to invest in a good sports bra for gym!

If you would like to join me on this nine week journey sign up at

Get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you…

Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers

One thought on “Monrobe – Well I Am – Week 1

  1. Wow Monique, you’re an inspiration for me. I’m 30, overweight and just not feeling good. After reading this post I’m starting the Banting Diet right now!!! Unfortunately I can’t afford the Well I am challenge but I’m going to use you as my motivation and yardstick. Thank you thank you thank you


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