Monrobe Well I am – Week 2

They say the first week of any lifestyle adjustment is the hardest and going onto week two of my Well I am journey, I totally agree.

Week two for me was a hell of a lot easier than the first because my husband (who has volunteered to do this with me – so important in any household) and I bought the Real Meal Revolution book which has given us ALL the info we need and some really awesome recipes including Banting bread, mayo (YAY I made my own mayo), tortillas and rice – all carb alternatives.

We have learnt how to make delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner and we are definitely not going hungry! In fact we are eating more than enough and feeling amazing.

Our meals this week included: 

Breakfast muffins made with eggs, an onion, bacon bits and cheese (SO DELISH and great for an on the go breakfast)
Granola with double cream yoghurt and two strawberries


Salads with feta and avo
Banting crackers with cream cheese and yellow cheese
Avo and feta

Smoked chicken / tuna salads
Steak and cabbage salad
Bangers and veggies

IMG_7308 IMG_7342

Snacks: (little to none now needed)
An apple

Coffee curbs sweet cravings really well (especially the after dinner sweet tooth)


Working Out: 
My exercise routine hasn’t changed – I am doing 45 minutes of cardio four days a week with a 5KM walk on a Friday. I bought a new pair of trainers which is making the world of a difference to my Nike street shoes I use to wear to the gym.


How I am feeling:
Although this week was a lot easier than last week in the fact that I got use to the diet but I generally had a bad week due to a few work functions that I had to eat at but thats all in my job so it was nice to have a bit of a cheat day. I believe with any diet that restricts you completely will never work so I do believe in spoils and cheat days. I am in general feeling great – I am sleeping better at nights and being a headache sufferer, I have not had a headache in a week and a half!
I am bumping into people who follow me on Insta or read my blog and I have had a great response to my challenge and there has been a lot of interest around my journey which has made my heart happy. To know that I am inspiring slender and plus size ladies to lead a healthier lifestyle AND that I am standing up for the body positive community and showing that plus size girls are healthy – has reaffirmed why I am doing this! So thank you for inspiring me everyday to push harder and harder!


What I have learnt this week:
I am in love with my Sistema containers! They are super smart and convenient in the fact that they come in little compartments and built in spoons, dressing containers – which really allow for your lunch to be quickly prepared at your desk at work or packed away in the fridge ensuring they are served at its freshest.


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