Monrobe Well I Am – Week three

So I just completed my third week on my Well I am journey. By now I am feeling like this lifestyle is my new norm. I am beginning to find ways to curb cravings, to treat myself and to rather take the stairs than the lift 🙂

However I think this is a time when people may feel like their motivation is slipping because 12 weeks is a long time! So here is how I stay motivated and I thought I would share them with you:

My top five tips on how to stay motivated: 

  1. Set a goal… and be realistic – halving your weight or wanting a six pack when you carry weight around your belly is unrealistic. It is important to remind yourself what your goal is and why you set this goal when you are starting to feel demotivated.
  2. Take it easy! You know the saying… ‘Rome wasn’t built in a day’ well it couldn’t be truer… Good results take time – feeling fitter, looking thinner, whatever your goal takes time. Quick fixers are just that… they don’t last… if you want to loose weight and keep it off it will take time. So don’t get frustrated when it seems like it is taking forever and a day 🙂
  3. Expect to slip up. We are all human! Sometimes we get sick and we are not able to go to gym or we have had a hectic day and cannot make it to the gym or we have a friend’s birthday party and we just want to celebrate with a piece of cake. Rewarding your hard work off with a slice of cake or a treat night is okay…
  4. Rope in a friend. Known as the ‘buddy’ system. I have started walking every Friday afternoon along the promenade – it is 5km if you walk along the entire promenade to one side and back. This wouldn’t be as fun if I didn’t have my friend to do it with me. It is a weekly highlight for me now – not only am I getting fresh air and a good work out but I am catching up with a friend. It doesn’t even feel like exercise!
  5.  Have a plan. Achieving your fitness goal is great but what happens when the challenge is over? Set a maintenance plan so that all your hand work doesn’t go to waste. I truly believe that health and fitness is a lifestyle! You need to maintain a healthy life by balancing out the good and bad. A 20/80 balance is good 🙂

Some really exciting news – my Phillips Airfryer arrived this week from Well I Am and lets just say my oven is never going to be used again! If you don’t already own one of these amazing machines… GO OUT AND BUY ONE! They are so nifty and food is cooked to perfection in minutes! Oh and it makes THE BEST bacon!!


Our meals this week included: 

Homemade granola with double cream yoghurt

An egg and bacon

A protein (in our airfyer) and veggies/salad


Still water mostly with carbonated water as a treat

Working Out: 
45 minutes of cardio four days a week with a 5KM walk on a Friday and Sunday. IMG_7497

How I am feeling:
Great. My insomnia has been cured! YAY! I am sleeping like a baby!
It feels great not to crave coke and fizzy cold drinks and would rather choose water over soda.
My body is feeling healthier and fitter.

What I have learnt this week:
LCHF cake is better than sugary cake!
Maybe I can share my recipe soon 🙂


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One thought on “Monrobe Well I Am – Week three

  1. I did the challenge last and it was really great. I’m glad you’re already seeing results and feeling better. Keep it up 🙂


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