Monrobe Well I Am – Week Four

A whole month down! WOW! It has flown! I honestly though cutting down on sugar and carbs was going to be a death sentence but I am feeling amazing! It is truly empowering to set your mind to doing something and actually achieving it!

I even joked with my husband and told him next year I’ll do the Warrior Race! He thought that was a ridiculous idea!… and it properly is! But this is just a testiment of how strong my mind is!

I am a huge believer that your mind is a powerful muscle that controls your life! When your mind is in the right space… your body is able to work at its best!

Walking up the stairs and grabbing a glass of water instead of a coke is getting A LOT easier!

A whole month in I have a new love of cooking and experimenting in the kitchen. I am beginning to start to read labels and want to know what is in my food and have found all the shops that stock low carb cooking supplies!

I am IN LOVE with my phillips Airfryer – there is absolutely nothing you cannot cook in it. After posting a pic of my new machine on Instagram last week, someone said they have even made muffins in it! All I know is that is makes the BEST bacon! A dream machine for those who are Banting!


Our meals this week included: 
Homemade granola with double cream yoghurt
OR strawberries with double cream yoghurt

A salad
OR low carb crackers with cream cheese

A protein (in our airfyer) and veggies/salad


Still water

Working Out: 
45 minutes of cardio three days a week with a 5KM walk on a Friday and Sunday.

How I am feeling:
Ready to take on the world!

What I have learnt this week:
My mind is a powerful instrument in this journey

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