Monrobe Well I Am – Week 5

Week five… wow! I think the best thing I could have done for myself was sign up to Well I Am and make positive changes in my lifestyle… small things I will feel the benefits for for a long time to come.

To wake up feeling refreshed, to not feel sluggish or bloated after a meal, to walk up stairs without feeling out of breath is an amazing feeling.

I am still loving the cooking and have started enjoying my time behind a bicycle at the gym! I never thought I would become one of those people 🙂

I received my booster kit from Well I Am – brand new products from Canderel which I have really been enjoying cooking with. I just love how I keep getting these random deliveries of goodies from Well I Am.


Another promotion I am really enjoying from Well I Am is their Serta Steps challenge. I was sent a pedometer to record the amount of steps I am taking in a day for a total of 30 days… to stand a chance to win a bed! I can’t tell you how much we are in need of a new bed so I am all over this competition and am holding thumbs that I will be sleeping comfortably in a brand new queen base set!

IMG_7812 (1)

Our meals this week included: 
Granola with double cream yoghurt
OR strawberries with double cream yoghurt

Low carb crackers with cream cheese or a salad

A protein made in our airfyer with veggies/salad

Still water

Working Out: 
45 minutes of cardio three days a week with a 5KM walk on a Friday.


How I am feeling:
Like this lifestyle is the norm 🙂

What I have learnt this week:
You are stronger than you know you are!


If you would like to join me on this journey sign up at

Get in touch with me, I would love to hear from you…

Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers

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