Monrobe Loves – Lipidol Skin Care

I recently took a break in using my Dermalogica products to give this somewhat new product a try. Their clever advertising and simple but striking stands at Clicks caught my attention. Not only are they really affordable at R80 a product but they look like quality!

Made by the same company who make Bio Oil, Lipidol is an oil based skincare range which is a lot different from most skincare ranges I have used. The thought of using oil on my face kind of freaked me out as I am one who often touches my face and the feeling of oil on my hands didn’t sit great with me.

I decided to give three of their products a try;  their cleansing face oil, overnight face oil and cleansing body oil.


I am a firm believer in a good cleaner and have found that when using the face oil, I used a lot more product then the ‘dot’ I use with Dermalogica – which told me it wouldn’t last as long. What I did enjoy is that when applying it to my bone dry skin it instantly removed all the dirt and make up off my face without leaving it feeling stripped of my skin’s natural oily layer. The oil when mixed with a little water turned into a watery cream texture which glides amazing over the face. It smells great and it really doesn’t feel like you are using a chemical filled product. Once rinsed off my skin felt clean and moisturised!

I think we often spend all our beauty budget on our Face – a good cleanser, a toner, a moisturiser, an SPF, a day cream, a night cream, make up etc… but what about the rest of our body? A bar of Lux soap? Well this is why I decided to give their cleansing body oil a try. I used the product on a loofah sponge which I found to emulsify and lather really well. Again, amazingly smelling, silky soft and somewhat exfoliated my skin leaving it feeling great. I think due to the cost of a bottle, it won’t replace my shower gel or bar of soap but it will definitely be a product I would use two or three times a week to treat my body.

I tend to love a night cream because I tend to generously spread it over my face in the evenings more so than a day cream because I know I don’t have to put make up on and I can leave my skin to breathe! So it was only natural I would choose to use their overnight face oil. Much like their Bio Oil range, this night oil isn’t much different. Only difference is you are applying it to your face. Now this is where I found the oil feeling a tad uncomfortable when touching my face. I tended to feel like I hadn’t rubbed my night cream in and my face was very shiny – which wasn’t a bad thing. I overall enjoyed this product once I got use to the feeling.

In terms of the packaging – simple but fancy enough! Sometimes simplicity is best and often you are paying for the fancy packaging and gold fonts. Their bottles are simple plastic with their logo embossed on the bottle with a simple white lid.

Overall I like this range of skincare. I would defiantly recommend this range to someone who cannot afford an entire top line range of products. My skin felt great using this product and I have problem skin. No breakouts or redness.

Included in their range is the after shower oil, sunscreen oil supplement in an SPF 20 and for the men in our lives the after shave oil.

For more information on Lipidol visit their website:


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