Monrobe – Well I Am Week 6

A month and a half in! It has been a blast! I think that finding fun and interesting ways to stay fit and healthy has been the funnest part of my Well I Am journey. I think there is a misconception that exercise has to be painful and a boring activity that we HAVE to do instead of actually looking forward to it.

This last week I particularly found a new work out I love which inspired this blog post:

Five fun ways to exercise outside of the gym:

  1. A 5KM walk along the Umhlanga promenade
    This is one of my absolute favourite work outs. I’ve roped in a friend to do the walk with me. We catch up on our week, and literally chat the whole walk. At the end of the 5KMs you don’t event feel like or realised that you have just burnt a heap of calories! You can even bring your dog along! The Umhlanga promenade is kitted out with water fountains for you and your dog, doggie pick up bags are provided and there are KM indicators along the walk which is great to keep track!
  2. Shopping!
    Yes shopping! I don’t know about you but on a Saturday between grocery shopping and popping into MRP to see what new stock they have in store… I leave feeling exhausted! Walking from the one side of Gateway to the other side and back burns calories! Not to mention carrying those heavy packets (like weights) and reaching for items at Woolies! Definitely a work out!
  3. Cycling on the beach
    Now this is something I did for the first time this weekend and loved it! My friend and I hired a bike at Bike & Bean for just R50 and took an hour cycle along the Durban promenade. Wind in our hair, getting some sun, laughing and loving our city! This is my new favourite way to spend a Saturday morning. Plus we were so tired after the cycle working all our muscles!11954656_10153707311127518_8700964330973777655_n
  4. La Lucia’s outdoor gym
    If you are an Umhlanga local you might have noticed the cute outdoor gym that looks like it is made for the kids? Well adults can use it to! There is a board with instructions on how to use each piece of equipement and it is super fun! Free gym!
  5. YouTube!
    For a lot of people gym memberships are not affordable and this often restricts people from getting the chance to work out. But there are great ways to work out in the comfort of your home. There are so many fun YouTube videos that you can watch and exercise to!

Do you have any fun suggestions that helps you keep fit?

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