Monrobe visits Sorbet for a Mani Pedi & MediPeel

I visited Sorbet Gateway for the first time last week Friday (honestly the best way to end off a hard week… getting pampered sets a good tone for the weekend) and I love their salon. From the moment I walked through their doors (conveniently situated near the Woolies parking so if you want to pop in and out you can!) you feel happy! There is defiantly an atmosphere and vibe about this salon. It was just after 4pm on a Friday and ladies were sipping champagne, chatting amongst each other and even kids getting their nails – something I am not use to seeing in a salon. Usually it is quite and no one speaks to each other so it was great to see. It was also casual day so all the technicians were in their own clothes which added an element of fun!

I booked myself a much needed mani and pedi with Gelish and thought I would try their Medi Pedi which comes highly recommended. I suffer with hard cracked heels so I really thought this treatment would be a good one to start investing in.

First up I headed to the chairs to get my pedi. I previously had Gelish which needed soaking off and then it was straight into choosing my colour. If you are anything like me… I love Insta stalking people and pages for inspiration for my style, fashion and my favourite is nails! I actually saw a pic Sorbet Gateway / Granada uploaded (they have a fantastic active page filled with lots of amazing ideas!) so I knew exactly what I wanted! Choosing a colour is a tough one! They stock over 140 amazing colours to choose from (not to mention many amazingly creative nail technicians who can do amazing nail art with these colours) so the options are endless!


I chose a soft glittery pink for my toes to match what I wanted to do with my finger nails. A nude pink always looks great!

IMG_4641 IMG_4640

My pedi literally took a painless 15 minutes and my technician, Portia was onto my Medi Pedi. She explained how the product worked before starting. This superior treatment product uses alkaline on the feet to treat calluses. Rather than a slough and buff in your traditional pedi which removes skin by exfoliating them with a stone, the Medi Pedi uses a glycolic peel and microdermabrasion that are specifically made for feet and the treatment of foot conditions to reduce calluses and takes a more healing and relaxation approach to the pedi.


The treatment not only restores your natural oils but when the hard skin is removed it doesn’t harden as fast as it would by buffing it. If you suffer from pigmentation, this product has been proven to improve pigmentation problems. Using only the alkaline wash, distilled water, a hydra louffa cleanse, exoderma peel, melanotech drops, herbal pigment skin softening oil, callus cream and an exfoliating foot cream the therapist preforms rolling and rubbing movements to remove all the dead skin which literally falls off.


Here are some before and after pictures after just one treatment:



As you can see, my heels are a lot smoother! I still have a lot more of these treatments to do but after only one treatment I can already SEE and FEEL the difference it has made!

I then headed to the tables to get my mani. After filing, shaping and ensuring my nails look fab, my technician was off to apply my Gelish. I chose a colour called ‘Glisten’ a sparkly, slightly glittery pink and opted for the gold ‘french tips’ in the Gelish ‘Gorgeous’ shade – also a slight glitter.


The technicians are so friendly, professional and work really efficiently so you aren’t sitting in your chair for what feels like all day.


And the result…


I think this look is a hot Spring look with a touch of glam!

Another thing I love about the Sorbert brand is their policy – if you are not completely happy with your treatment you do not have to pay and they give you a voucher to come back to redo your treatment. I think this says a lot about their brand and comittment to quality! 

To book your Gelish mani and pedi or to try the Medi Pedi call Sorbet Gateway on 0315663208. Follw them on Instagram for plenty of inspiration @SorbetGatewayGranada

Ring – Meraki Ring by The Noble Collection

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