Monrobe Well I Am – Week 7

Week 7! Just two more to go!

I think one of the hardest things I have struggled with on my Well I Am journey has been trying to cut out sugar. I have sad before how you only realise how addicted you are to sugar only once you try give it up!

Well I am launched their #WIA21DaySugarDetox this week and I am loving their support and motivation. I am receiving an email everyday motivating me along with a really informative PDF document every day with awesome recipes, tips and advice which is really helping my detox.

I recently researched what sugar does to you and I was horrified!

Here are five things that happen when you cut out sugar from your diet:
– Less energy slumps
– You actually loose weight
– You stop craving sugar
– You sleep better
– You’ll start to look and feel better

I am still counting my steps everyday hoping to win the Serta bed!


I am starting to see the finish line now! Well I Am have announced their four judges and are allowing their entrants to gain access to the judges to ask for professional advice and guidance on our journey on their Facebook page. See the questions and advice here!

I am loving the Well I Am members lockeroom. It is really a great place for people to share recipes and motivational pics and words. I thought I would share one with you:


For more information on Well I Am visit their website:

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