Monrobe Sorbet – 5 Reasons To Go for a Mani with your BFF

So last weekend a friend and I decided we would spend a few hours together at Sorbet Gateway and get a Gelish manicure.

Being the writer I am, it inspired this post. Here are my top five reasons why I think you should go for a mani with your best friend:

  1. It is the perfect time for a much needed catch up!
    One of the many things I love about Sorbet Gateway mentioned in my last Sorbet blog post (here) is the fact that you can have a glass of sparkling wine while having your treatments and what better way to enjoy a glass than with a best friend? No need to make small talk with the nail technicians – when you have your best friend next to you to chat about your week.
  2. You can help each other choose a colour
    Who better to give you advice on what colour to choose then your best friend? There are over 140 colours to choose from with endless options of nail art… sometimes it can be over whelmingIMG_4696

  3. It makes it an occasion! 
    Sometimes redoing your nails can be a pain as most of us are busy working woman. Even though Sorbet Gateway is open 9 to 7 (weekdays) and till 9 (weekends) – which makes this do-able to do after work or on the weekends, but having a mani or pedi with a friend is extra special and forces you to relax! Plus if we are at the salon together your husbands are more likely to make plans to do something together while the wives are away!
  4. You have someone to remind you to set an appointment to redo your nails! 
    Often when our nails have outgrown the mani we tend to forget about making our next appointment but having a friend who needs to redo hers as well, it is like having a reminder on your phone.


  5. You have someone to take selfies with! 
    We all want to show off our new set of nails on social media but these aren’t always fun by ourselves… a BFF nail selfie is a must after getting a full set of sparkly new nails!


I have to show off my new Gelish nails. My amazing nail technician is so talented! She did this leopard print in free hand! There is honestly nothing the nail technicians at Sorbet Gateway cannot do!


Gelish – four fingers – Fashionably Slate, ring finger – Clean Slate, leopard print – Carnival Hangover and Reliance is my Middle Name

Gelish nails by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208

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