Monrobe Well I Am – Week 8

Staying motivated for nine weeks is difficult but I have found having people around you who are motivating and encourage you to push yourself to be the best version of yourself is key.

I must admit, gym without a buddy is boring – what I find helps me stay fit when the gym seems so blah are my two four legged babies! Which inspired this weeks set of tips! My top four reasons why dogs can keep you fit!

They are always keen for an hour of exercise!
Think about it – which friend is going to jump and nearly stop breathing with excitement at the thought of going to the beach with you for a 5km walk? Do they practically pull you out the door on your way out while grabbing the keys? Do they jump up and down near the cupboard where their leashes are kept when you ask them where their gym shoes are? NO! Only four legged babies do!

They encourage you to push hard! 
I don’t know about your four legged babies but my babies love to pull me when they walk. They are super eager to get as far as they possibly could in the shortest amount of time. And they are only 2 and 5KGs while pulling their human who weights a hell of a lot more! What is my excuse to take it easy?

They make workouts fun by making a round of sprints a game!
A sprint back and forth is a game of chase to them! They eagerly want to catch up to you at any cost and then again, and again, and again until their poor little legs give in – and even then they are trying really hard not to give up!

You can’t resist THAT FACE! 
You know that face that they magically pull out when they want to stretch their little legs! Enough said…

One week left! I cannot wait to share my results with you next week Friday!

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