Monrobe Loves – Sorbet Breakout Correcting Gel

If you haven’t headed down to have a look at Sorbet’s wide range of products you are missing out! Not only is this brand a salon but they offer a wide range of products at super affordable prices. Also available at Clicks stores, Sorbet’s range of products are not only really beautifully packaged in colourful, quality packaging, but they are excellent products for people looking for an almost ‘entry level’ beauty care routine.

Being prone to breakouts, especially around my jaw line (darn hormones!) I picked up their ‘Salon Skin Breakout Correcting Gel’. This specialist care product fights breakouts and purifies the skin using salicylic acid and vitamin A, C and E.

Beautifully packaged in a small box boasting all the essential oils needed to improve skin radiance with powerful actives, once opening this box, a cute 30ml bottle with a dropper bottle lid for easy application. No spills or waste of product. A drop literally is enough to cover my areas of breakout.

This awesome product is a control and preventing skin care gel that proves that the Sorbet skincare professionals know that nothing treats the skin like the delicate fusion between nature and science. Through the use of essential oils including; Tea Tree, Lavender and Pelargonium, advanced actives including Salicylic Acid and highly concentrated vitamins A, C and E, this gel controls current breakouts and prevents future breakouts and leaves the skin clearer and soothed. One of the unique qualities of this product is the Salicylic Acid used in this product is known to increase skin cell renewal which helps counteract dogged pores, remove oil build up and clear blemishes.


Applying it every morning and evening after cleansing my face, only a small amount is needed and applied lightly onto the skin and is only needed on the areas of breakout.

I found this product to be gentle on the skin but strong enough to treat my breakouts within three days. Once placing the product on my fingers the essential oils are quite evident in the smell but the texture of the product felt lovely and soothing over the sensitive areas.

At just over R100 I think this product is well worth the quality you are getting in this magical bottle. Anything similar to this product would easily be over R300 in price. For an entry level product I am blown away at the impact this product had on my skin.

Grab your bottle at Sorbet Gateway or Granada Square – 0315663208

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