Monrobe Well I Am – Week 9

WOW! Nine weeks of strict routine, diet, a lifestyle change and dedication! And I came out alive! In fact I am more than alive! I feel fantastic.

Signing up for Well I Am was a tough decision. Being a plus size girl who in recent years has become body confident and has learnt to love her body but is private about the lifestyle she leads was a tough decision to let people in on. I have never been one to take #GymSelfies or check in at the gym let alone talk about how hard I am pushing myself. Gym and leading a healthy lifestyle was something I kept private.

So going into Well I Am my motivation was a strong one! Number one I wanted to bust the myth that plus size girls are healthy and can lead a good balanced lifestyle. Number two I wanted to get ‘baby body ready’ – Yes for most people it is the opposite – to get their pre-baby body back. For me my motivation pushing hard at the gym and choosing water over a soda was purely a ‘I need to provide a healthy womb for my baby to grow in’. In a world of infertility all around us… this scared me. Yes being a plus size ‘over weight girl’ does pose risks of infertility and problems.

After pushing myself hard for the first two weeks I discovered the unimaginable… After experiencing what I thought were period pains for longer than five days with no sign of a period, a friend encouraged me to do a pregnancy test. I thought this was ridiculous as my husband and I had only been trying for a month and I had only had two periods in that month after stopping the pill (which I had been on for at least three years). Much to my disbelief the test showed two lines… I was still in denial and only two days later did I try a digital test (thinking those won’t lie) and….


Yes those are tears… 2 to 3 weeks pregnant!

I honestly believe Well I Am got me into the state of mind of good health, positive thoughts and got my blood pumping which promoted this pregnancy. Cutting out sugar, pushing myself harder at gym, drinking water over soda and putting positive vibes out there helped me fall pregnant.

Nine weeks later I am carrying a so far healthy baby and I am using what I learnt doing Well I Am in my pregnancy. Not pushing as hard at the gym but balancing out my diet and keeping fit to carry this baby in a healthy manner until I give birth in April.

I am definitely grateful for signing up on Well I Am because maybe this massive blessing may not have happened for us yet.

I am happy to officially announce…

Baby Delport Announcement

For more information on Well I Am and to sign up for their next 12 week challenge visit their website:

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