Monrobe OOTD – Pink Pineapples & Turquoise

I adore anything pineapple at the moment! Cellphone covers, home decor, pineapple printed fabric… you name it I love it!

This neckline isn’t something I usually wear but I think it is such a nice Winter look. I tend to feel a bit too covered up but I do love the way this neckline extends to necklaces.

Paired with a loose fitting unbuttoned denim top – again these tops are so versatile – they are great left loose or buttoned up.

I adore high waisted skirts – you can literally tuck any top or blouse into it and it is so comfy and chic! MRP have now improved the design of their high waisted skirts by sewing in a thick elasticated band as I found their old designs used to twist and look horrible after a few washes.

Denim top – MRP
Top – Identity
Skirt – MRP
Shoes – Sunkissed Jelly in Champagne by Holster
Necklace – Lovisa
Sunglasses – TopShop
Gelish nails & eyebrow wax and shaping by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208

2 456710

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