Monrobe Beauty – The Perfect Brows at Sorbet

Eyebrows have always been a though one for me when it comes to shaping or plucking. I have naturally really bushy eyebrows and use to get teased in high school for them. I have found in the past that therapists either over wax them and you end up with a really thin brow which I personally hate! I prefer a fuller brow that neatly falls into place but have never been able to find a place that does it well enough!

Lets face it – a bad eyebrow wax takes ages to grow out without having that awkward stage of looking like a freak with your paper thin brows.


I love a brow that is thick and full and often use a brow make up kit to almost ‘colour them in’ to make them darker and bolder so deciding to try eyebrow tinting was an easy one for me.

Being the massive Sorbet Gateway and Granada fan that I am I booked a wax and tint and thought I would trust them with one of my features and hoped I came out looking FAB! (after the redness disappears of course!)

Here is my before:


A simple, I’d like them shaped but without loosing the thickness please.

IMG_4709 IMG_4711 IMG_4712 IMG_4719

.. and tada! The therapist did an excellent job 🙂



To book your brow and tint contact Sorbet Gateway on 0315663208.

Get in touch with me online:

Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers


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