Monrobe Sorbet – Dermalogica Facial

I started using Dermalogica earlier this year after getting my first Dermalogica facial done. I was in desperate need of making a change to my skin as it was properly at its worst. I have said this in pervious posts but I have to say it again… having acne as an adult is way more traumatising than when you are a teenager. My skin was enflamed, itchy, burning and simply uncomfortable.

I have previously been on medication for my bad skin and nothing helped. thankfully I can say that Dermalogica has been a huge blessing for me. Just take a look at my before photo taken in March this year and the now was taken just two weeks ago at my Dermalogica facial at Sorbet Granada




I still suffer with blemishes around my jaw line due to my hormonal changes but it is 100 times better than what it use to be.

By simply going to Sorbet Granada for my monthly facial and using a minimum of three ‘must have’ Dermalogica products to the value of just over R2000 (which last up to six months) my skin has made a day to night change.


One of the many reasons why I love going for my monthly Dermalogica facial is the fact that I essentially get to speak to my own personal ‘skin doctor’ who treats my skin every month as it changes through the seasons / using my products. Each facial is uniquely suited to my skins state at the time of the facial. Not only does my amazing therapist suggest other products to add or replace in my routine, she gives me much needed advice to look after my skin.


If you suffer with acne or horrible breakouts like I do, I strongly suggest you book yourself a Dermalogica facial.

A standard facial includes the following treatments that does the world of good to your skin:

A pre-cleanse to wipe off any make up or dirt on your skin.

You will given the unique Dermalogica Face Mapping whereby the therapist looks and accesses your skin condition and needs.

This is followed by a second cleanse.

Exfoliation with steam to open up the pores.

Extractions of those deep blackheads (removed safely without causing damage as we do at home)

Massage and mask.

Toning and moisturising.

IMG_4768 IMG_4769

Some of the many benefits of having a monthly facial include: 
Removing dead skin cells which increases circulation of the blood under the skin allowing the skin optimal health to facilitate the renewal skin cells promotes the renewal of skin cells.
Stimulates the skin.
A facial will cleanse the pores and exfoliate the skin on a much deeper level than you can achieve at home.
They allow you to relax and it is the perfect opportunity to make it ‘girl time’ with your best friend as I do!


To book your Dermalogica facial contact Sorbet Gateway or Granada on 0315663208 / 031 561 2538

Get in touch with me online:

Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers

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