Monrobe Beauty – Sorbet Firming Body Butter

Since I discovered Sorbet’s Breakout Correcting Gel (read review here), I have been fascinated with their products! I picked up their generous tub of their body butter and decided to try out their firming body butter which comes in a 250ml tub.

First of all I LOVE this tub! I much prefer to dab my hand into a tub then squeeze the liquid out of a bottle. Another thing I love about this (and all of the Sorbet) products is the look of the packaging. It comes in a purple tub that can be cleaned and used for odds and ends! Bonus!

It is labeled as an age control product with Pomegranate, rooibos, cranberry and Q10. Opening the lid these fragrant flavours are evident in the smell of this cream.


White in colour and super smooth in texture, I found the body butter to be super moisturising and left my skin smoother and moisturised for longer than any other body butter I have tried previously.

Applying this luscious body butter to my skin after my bath honestly left my skin feeling indulgent and giving me the feel of a home spa experience.

As for the ‘firming’ promise and age controlling capabilities the product promises, I have only been using the product for a couple of weeks and I love it, whether it is firming my skin or prolonging my ageing, I cannot say yet. However I am pregnant and skin will be stretched and changing over the next couple of months so I am looking forward to seeing how this product will help with this change.

But how can this product commit to its promise? Well the butter is rich in Pomegranate which is a powerful antioxidant which is known to promote a more youthful body. Oils such as Omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamin E from the Cranberry oil evident in the butter is believed to help nourish the skin giving it the rich, luxurious moisture it provides.

Having tried this product for just over three weeks, I give it the thumbs up! As my body moisturiser of choice, my skin is loving it!

Grab your tub at Sorbet Gateway or Granada Square – 0315663208

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