Monrobe Beauty – My Dermalogica Essentials

If you have been following my skincare journey you will already know how much I am a mascot for the Dermalogica brand. Having witnessed my skin transformation turn from night to day – I simply cannot deny the power of this product.

From sore, enflamed and spotted skin to smoother, more hydrated, calmer skin. With monthly facials at Sorbet Granada and using my three Dermalogica essentials that cost just over R2000 (which will last me more than 6 months to a year) – totally affordable when you work out how much you are paying per month – my skin is really thanking me.

So I realise that not all of us can afford to splurge out on the entire range of Dermalogica products, because a lot of the time we do need at least six different products to totally give our skin what it needs. I have decided to share my personal top three Dermalogica essentials that have changed my skin for the best and maybe they will work for you?

Monrobe’s top three Dermalogica essentials: 

1. Special Cleansing Gel 


When purchasing the 500ml pump bottle you are getting over 400 uses! At R770 a bottle that works out to be just under R2 a pump! For basic cleansing this is a miracle worker! You literally use a dot size of the gel on your palm which foams and covers your entire face and neck area. This product is soap free, with a slight mint and lavender fragrance and is perfect for all skin conditions. The refreshing lather throughly removes all dirt, make up and impurities without leaving your skin feeling disturbed of its natural moisture balance. Enriched with calming balm mint and lavender extracts which soothe the skin while the natural Quillaja Saponaria gently foams away toxins and debris. For an introductory cleanser this is a must have!

2. Active Moist


I am not a massive fan of an oily moisturiser and prefer a moisturiser that is light on my face, this is one of the reasons I enjoy this product. Also an introductory moisturiser for combination skin types, the Active Moist moisturiser is a sheer oil-free, lightweight easy to wear moisturiser. Loaded with skil amino acids and a combination of plant extracts that help improve the skin’s texture and  targets surface dehydration. Botanical extracts of lemon, cucumber and burdock in this product help refine the skin leaving it feeling soothed and amazingly hydrated!
Sorbet Gateway and Granada are running an awesome special this November/December on their moisturisers! You don’t only get your moisturiser at a promotional price but two free gifts with your purchase valued at R210! You get a free facial cleansing mitt and a travel sized product depending on the moisturier you use. It is really a great promotion and all the more reason to purchase your first product if you’ve always wanted to try the range! 


3. Breakout Control 
So my first two essentials cover my cleansing and moisturising which in a basic skin routine are essential but my third product is a more target specific product which I am owning my skin’s recovery to! This 30ml bottle is my saviour! Having breakout prone skin, this Breakout Control gel is amazing! Only applying a thin layer on the breakout areas and allowing to dry before applying my moisturiser, the Breakout Control has worked wonders for me! A part of Dermalogica’s MediBac Clearing range, this literally invisible product clears, controls and prevents breakouts in a few days! This fast-absorbing gel contains natural antibacterial agents that not only help clear but prevent breakouts without drying out the skin. I swear by this product!


Do you have your own essentials? Get in touch with me and share your experience with the Dermalogica range. I would love to hear from you!

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For more information on these Dermalogica products or to book a Dermalogica facial contact Sorbet Gateway on 0315663208

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