Monrobe’s Pregnancy

In case you are a new follower of Monrobe or have just come across my blog, I am currently pregnant with my first child. After nearly eight years with my now husband whom I married just over a year and a half ago, we were blessed to have been able to quickly fall pregnant in July last year.

I am now 31 weeks and although I am loving the fact that soon I will hold my baby girl (yes I am having a girl!!!) in two short months, I can’t say that I have enjoyed the experience. I think if I were pregnant in Winter, I would have had a completely different experience. Bad planning hey :).


Being pregnant in this Durban heat has been a tough one. If you aren’t from Durban or South Africa – temperatures here can reach 36 with humidity in between the months of December through to February.

But I cannot complain since this is one of my only chances to assist God in a miracle – and this is just what my daughter will be to me. I had an incredible relationship with my mum. Although it wasn’t perfect – it is a relationship I hold close to my heart since losing her eight years ago to cancer. My mum taught me all I know today and because of her I am all that I am today and she continues to inspire me.

Since losing my mum there has been a void in my heart – nothing quite comes close or can replace the love of a mom. It is unconditional, it is pure, it is complete. To have lost someone I know would love me no matter what I did, would never abandon me or hurt me has been one of the hardest things to comprehend.

Knowing that I will soon be having my own daughter makes my heart flutter! It is a dream come true! Not to mention all the cute little outfits – who knows we might have a mini Monrobe Instagram account soon :), the mommy and me Sorbet manicures and all the cute hairstyles! I couldn’t thank God enough for her.


So enough of the hard stuff and back to plus size fashion. I have taken a short break off blogging and shooting my weekly plus size fashion looks but I am back and sporting my baby bump which I have decided to dress up and do two months (if I don’t pop earlier) of plus size maternity fashion.

As a plus size girl I wondered and worried about how much ‘bigger’ I would get during pregnancy and although I have noticed that my bum is expanding rapidly I am pleasantly suprised at how little weight I have gained. I had read that the larger you are – the less you need to put on during pregnancy so it has been a bit of a blessing! I personally think I only began showing at around 6 or 7 months and of course now I am definitely expanding in front of my belly but I am loving it. There is nothing more beautiful than knowing their is a human life growing inside of you.

So this brings me to maternity fashion – most of my clothes still fit! Yay! Being plus size I don’t tend to buy or wear tight fitting clothes and prefer maxi dresses, tights, loose fitting tops, kaftans etc – all of which are quite flowy or stretchy. So my ‘maternity wardrobe’ is still stylish and comfy!

I know for a lot of women dressing when pregnant is difficult and I hope to show in the next eight weeks that you can look fab with minimal effort cause trust me – the last thing you feel like doing when you have no energy and don’t feel like leaving the house is dressing up.

I hope to inspire you and that you enjoy my feed over the next couple of weeks because Monrobe is being taken over by all things baby, pregnancy and mommy-hood. I also have some great pregnancy products that I want to share with you amongst lots of other suprises!

But not to worry – once Baby Delport has entered the world I will be going back into plus size fashion and possibly start a blog just for her and my journey through mother hood so keep an eye out for that!

Until next time!


Dress – MRP
Denim button up – Foschini
Necklace – Lauren Ginn Accessories
Sandals – Demure in Black by Saint & Summer
Gelish nails in ‘Mali blow me away’ with Izabelle Hammon Africa nail art by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208

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Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers

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