Monrobe Maternity OOTD – Printed Kimonos


I received the most beautiful at my baby shower recently – a parcel filled with baby Rooi Rok Bookie clothes! Picture beautiful prints and florals you’d find in the range but now really small – leggings and baby grows in a print I would wear! I HAVE to start a fashion blog for my baby girl when she is born cause wit friends like Tarryn from Rooi Rok Bokkie – how can she not be the most stylish baby on the North Coast of Durban?

This brings me to this amazing kimono from Rooi Rok Bokkie – I adore the print, the colours and the FABRIC! I find being pregnant in this heat a kimono can feel heavy – there is often a lot of loose fabric that creates the shape of a kimono but I find this fabric to be so light and cool – it is airy and doesn’t make you feel like you’re wearing a sheet!

Maxi dresses are a preggie mum’s best friend – I have this dress in four colours/prints – they can be so easily dressed up and this is a prime example!

I have to mention this colour – I don’t own a lot of clothes in this green and I must admit I am loving it! I love introducing new colours into my wardrobe and challenging myself to pair shoes and accessories with the items and I think I should definitely wear a lot more of this being a green-eyed girl!

Kimono – Rooi Rok Bokkie
Maxi dress – MRP
Jelly sandals – Holster SA
Necklace – MRP
Handbag -colette by colette hayman
Gelish fingernails in ‘Star Burst’ and toes in ‘Mali-Blu Me Away’ with Izabelle Hammon decals by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208



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