Monrobe Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy has been a radical experience for me. From the moment I found out I was pregnant to seeing this little flicker on the sono scan that was my baby’s heart beat to feeling her move in my belly for the first time. Today, at 34 weeks pregnant I still cannot believe that there is a God given life growing inside me.

Don’t get me wrong – I feel like an alien – I have no energy, I have had to learn to be completely selfless in the fact that I can’t just pop a heavy pain killer when my regular migraine hits or when I suffered through the flu. I definitely FEEL pregnant! But I still cannot believe that in six short weeks I will have my daughter in my arms and she will be ours.

Pregnancy is a miracle in itself. Pregnancy has showed me the God is real! There is no doubt about that! There is no way that a whole fully pledge life can grow from an egg and sperm in just 40 short weeks… a whole fully functional human being is grown and breathed the breath of life by God on its birthday.

As a Christian this pregnancy has taught me one massive lesson which has grown my faith tremendously! From the moment I fell pregnant I feared the worst… From how the egg had implanted to the 12 week down syndrome testing… I found myself doubting God’s abilities but why? I learnt to fully immerse myself in trusting Him, His plan for our lives and our baby and have faith that He was in control. Yes I have no yet given birth and know that my baby is 100% perfect, I feel so reassured through prayer and seeking his guidance that he has not let me down! I trust him more than I ever have.

Not having parents who are here to help me on my journey to becoming parents I also know that God will get me through this. He will have my hand throughout this rollercoaster journey He is about to take me on. From the birth to looking after our princess, God is my saviour!

Capturing this special time was important to Brett and I. We have made the personal decision that we (for now) only want one child and we would have to fully immerse ourselves in this journey and enjoy every single moment!

There wasn’t a second thought as to who we would choose to capture our baby bump than the lovely Taryn Van Rensburg and we are in awe of how amazing this shoot turned out. To say it took 20 minutes on a hot, windy Thursday afternoon… and these are the results… catalogue material! I can’t wait to show our baby girl one day at how mummy looked when she was in my belly.

I think it is so easy for us preggie moms to feel ‘fat’ and sluggish – truth is it is hard to make the effort to not only look but feel pretty is pretty impossible (especially in Durban’s February heat!) but thanks to my very talented friend Bianca Warren, who made me this amazing custom design to make me look like a pretty mommy-to-be!

I will treasure these pictures and the emotions behind these images forever!

Dress: Bianca Warren
Necklace – Lauren Ginn Accessories
Sandals – Saint & Summer
Gelish fingernails in ‘Star Burst’ by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208

Photographs by Taryn Van Rensburg Photography

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