Monrobe Maternity OOTD – Leggings & a Statement Necklace

I think leggings are the go-to preggie mom’s best friend! Not only do they have a stretchy waist to accommodate that growing waist line but they are super comfy and can look super chic if dressed up.

Sometimes you don’t want to wear a bold print but rather a plain, more solid colour – something understated but to add a wow to the outfit pair a statement necklace to an otherwise ‘casual’ look.

I picked up this gorgeous fabric necklace from Lauren Ginn Accessories and just adore how light it is around my neck and what a statement it makes! It can be paired with a black top or a dress with a high neckline and really make an outfit pop! I am looking forward to playing around with some looks with this piece!

Top: MRP
Tights: Pick ‘n Pay Clothing
Jelly pumps: Holster SA
Necklace: Lauren Ginn Accessories
Nails: Gelish fingernails in ‘I’m brighter than you’ by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208


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