Monrobe is a Mommy!

On the 22nd of March 2016 at 11.07am my life changed forever! I began my partnership with Jesus in raising a beautiful daughter – who was born perfect in every way! Ten little fingers and toes, her dad’s rosy cheeks and cute chin, a head full of brown hair and the bluest little eyes!

I cannot express the feeling I felt when I saw my little Maddison pulled from my belly and shown to me and my husband in the operating theatre on this amazing day. Tears… appreciation… pride… it’s honestly indescribable!

I have overcome and achieved a lot in my life but becoming a mom has by far been one of my greatest achievements.

‘Checking in’ 
Being wheeled into theatre!
A proud daddy – moments after Maddison’s birth – doesn’t she look just like him! 
Our first family selfie! 
Just one day young! 
My precious girl! 
The new kid in town! 

Here is a short video which we documented during my stay in hospital… Little Maddie’s first four days of life celebrated by her parents…

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