Maddie’s Nursery featuring her Julie Kins Birth Keepsake

After completing my gorgeous daughter’s nursery earlier this year, I thought I would share her stunning room with you. I am particularly proud of her ‘You are my sunshine’ themed nursery because my husband and I did it on a strict budget and bought all the furniture second hand and up-cycled them. The little draw set next to her cot for example was bought for R70 from our local SPCA thrift shop and we simply gave it two cots of white paint (it was previously blue).

Even though we knew the sex of our precious baby girl we still chose to go with a neutral colour palate with grey, white and touches of yellow. We started singing to her while she was still growing in my belly, You are my sunshine as her soothing song so it was only natural for us to choose that theme in our room.

I am super proud of the result and to top it all off we were gifted with the most beautiful birth keepsake from the amazing Julie Kins who made us a personalised birth keepsake. If you haven’t had a look at Julie Kins website ( do yourself a favour and go check it out – she has the most beautiful personalised art prints for nurseries, bedrooms, home and workplaces. I just want to decorate my whole home with her stunning prints!

The packaging on the order is worth a mention too! Beautifully presented! My daughter Maddie’s birth keepsake is such a stand out and the perfect addition to the space!

Julie Kins

Thank you Julie Kins, Maddie will treasure it forever!

Here are some pics of our nursery…


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