Being Maddie’s Mom – Schnooky Pie

I was introduced to this exclusive and proudly South African baby clothing brand, Schnooky Pie after a friend bought me a couple their baby grows for my baby shower a few months back.

Firstly what sets this brand apart from any other baby wear band is that it isn’t just unique and of high quality but that is also proudly sourced and manufactured in South Africa! So not only do our little ones get to look super cute in their baby grows but we know we are supporting local manufacturers!

Everthing from the fabric used to the quality of the sewing, I adore the value for money this product is!

One of my favourite things about this brand are their incredible cute and original graphic prints on their baby grows, From ‘Born Local’ to cute lions – you don’t get more proudly South African than this!


These kind of prints are one of a kind that you wouldn’t find at your mass produced baby stores.

Another unique design element of these baby grows (besides the fact that it has a cute print on the back!) is Schnooky Pie’s unique stud feature down the back. I wish all baby grows were clever enough to think about this feature! This practical and adorable feature is easy to put on your little one, if he or she is anything like my baby girl who hates having tight things put on over her head! You simply undo the top two studs as well as the bottom studs and pull over your their head.

I am super proud to announce that my precious baby girl is a proud brand ambassador for Schnooky Pie – which means we get to show you more of their adorable clothes, how to dress them up and the versatility of the baby grows!  I couldn’t think of a better honour for our princess than to proudly wear this proudly South African label!

I recently dressed her in Schnooky Pie’s ‘Penguin with arrows back’ baby grow.
Heads up – if you purchase this baby grow before 20 May you get an adorable free matching dummy clip!


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