What Maddie’s Wearing – Wild Child OOTD

One of my favourite new things to do as a new mom is dressing up my little girl. She is like the doll you wish you had as a little girl growing up.

I recently dressed her up in Schnooky Pie’s navy Wild Child babygro from their Summer range in a very cute layering look just in time for Winter because these cute short sleeved babygros can be dressed up and layered and worn in Winter! I dressed her in a pair of short jeans but for a more Wintery look you can dress your little one in a longer pair for the extra warmth.

I just love this cheeky wild child look!

Babygro – Wild Child in navy by Schnooky Pie 
Jeans – JAM Clothing
Little jersey – Baby Naartjie
Socks – Converse
Headbank – unknown

And for a more warmer Wintery look:

Check out the Schnooky Pie online store at schnookypie.co.za

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