Being Maddie’s Mom – My precious pendant

I recently came across this absolutely gorgeous company on Instagram called Little Impressions – what would we do without Instagram?! They are a Durban North based company run by a mom of three who specialise in capturing your little ones precious moments forever!

I couldn’t resist the chance of getting my little Maddie’s finger print imprinted in a precious pendant to proudly display around my neck (yes I have become one of those moms!).

It literally took a minute to get Maddie’s finger imprinted in a heart shaped clay heart that magically turns into a sterling silver pendant that was delivered to my door and hanging around my neck in less than a week! Not to mention the amazing little box it came in!


What a precious gift for a new mom! This is custom made jewelry you cannot put a price to! In a couple of years when Maddison is older we won’t believe that her little index finger was so small! Another amazing idea is if you planning on having more kids you can save the other side of the heart for their finger prints – since we are only planning on having one daughter I chose to rather have her name engraved into the heart.

So I’m off to proudly show off my pendant and always have a piece of my babe close to my heart!

Find them online: 
@LittleImpressionsZA / #LittleImpressions

Get in touch with me online:

Instagram: @mondevilliers89

Twitter: @mondevilliers89



YouTube: Monique Devilliers


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