What Maddie’s Wearing – BabyOOTD – Tutu princess

One of the first things I thought when I heard I was having a baby girl was TUTU! Every little girl needs a tutu so when this adorable little grey tutu landed on my door from Schnooky Pie I was jumping with joy!

I couldn’t wait to dress up Maddison in this gorgeous piece! Not only is the quality amazing but it has just the right amount of poof!

Paired with her turquoise (one of my absolute FAVE colours) ‘free spirit’ hedgehog babygro and a pink, grey and turquoise headband – I have a princess on my hands!

Free spirit babygro –Schnooky Pie 
Grey tutu –Schnooky Pie 
Headband – Ackermans


Check out the Schnooky Pie online store at schnookypie.co.za

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