Monrobe & Maddie OOTD

So now that I am a mommy to a beautiful little princess, I thought I would try something different to my weekly Monrobe OOTD and combine my little Maddie’s wardrobe with mine and so a combined mommy and daughter OOTD blog post… I thought I would give it a test drive and see if you all love or hate it!

So here it is… I’d love some feedback!

I only recently came across the baby section at my local MRP store and I was blown away! Finding fashion savvy clothes for a newborn is difficult – I thought I would have to wait for her to be a lot older to finally dress her up like a mini fashionista but I was wrong! I spent a small fortune on the most beautiful items and I cannot wait to show them all off to you!

Dressing my little princess is one of my favourite things in the morning! So I have a matching faux fur gilet and plan on pulling it out this Winter and be all matchy matchy with her – how cheesy will we look!

She just looks incredibly cute in her faux fur and floral joggers! I am in love!

For me – leather and leopard is always a winner! Bring on Winter!


Joggers – MRP
Navy blue top – MRP
Jacket – Edgars
Sandals – Saint & Summer
Earrings – Lovisa
Nails – Gelish fingernails and toes by Sorbet Gateway – 0315663208

Faux fur gilet –  MRP
Baby grow – Woolworths
Floral joggers – Ackermans
Shoes – Edgars
Headband – Love Gems






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