What Maddie Loves – A Few of Maddie’s Favourites

My daughter, Maddie and I recently popped into a beautiful new boutique baby shop in Durban called Hush Baby Boutique and were amazed at the products we found. This stunning boutique prides itself in offering only the best products that is on the market, both locally and internationally, for babies and toddlers to the KZN market. From stunning local brands like Schnooky Pie and Olive by Clare to sought-after international brands like Quinnyworld and Sophie le Girafe! You’ll find everything from clothes to cots and prams! If you are looking for that something special that you won’t find anywhere else – Hush Baby Boutique is the place to visit!


We couldn’t help but choose some of our favourites when popping in:

These France made eclectic stuffed animals, Deglingos (pronounced de-GLING-goes) are a tactile and visual feast for your little one. Not only are these quirky animals made from a variety of different fabrics but boast an array of colours and big personalities! They are by far the most amazing stimulation ‘cuddles’ I have come across! Maddie adores her ‘Sandykilos’ elephant and doesn’t leave home without her purple ellie tucked into your car chair with her. The perfect size to cuddle on the go, Sandy’s textured trunk and smooth ears provide my little Maddie with the perfect tactile stimulation in her mouth and hands, not to mention those colourfully printed ears! A massive plus is they are completely machine washable so having Maddie suck on those rather large ears isn’t a problem!
PS. Hush Baby Boutique are the exclusive KZN retailers of this amazing French brand so you won’t find these cuties anywhere locally! 

And who says only baby can own a Deglingo? They offer a range of keyrings too for mom! These cuties can double as a bag attachment or a keyring and guarantee you’ll never leave home without a toy for your little one! How cute does my mini monkey Bogos keyring look attached to my Lou Harvey nappy bag! 


There is something about buying a locally produced product and knowing that you are supporting proudly South African products, its another thing to buy local products that give a portion of 5% of the sale to charity! This gentle range of baby hair and body care products boast natural goodness! What sets this product apart from any other natural product on the market is that it is uniquely handmade with love and contain healing ingredients like goats milk, calendula oil, beeswax and coconut oil making it the perfect product to use on sensitive skin. Although we love the smell of newly washed baby, often these overly fragranced products are bad for our little one’s sensitive skin, Kinita is lightly fragranced yet leaves Maddie’s skin smelling fresh. Their bum wax is a must try!


The Jellycat are the most hugged, cuddled and adored soft toys in London and I was so excited to get my hands on the bashful silver bunny for Maddie! Not only is the cutest little bunny you’ve ever seen with a bushy white tail but they are super soft and irresistibly cuddly! Can they make adult versions please! Maddie just adores pulling on his eats and sticking them on her mouth! The perfect best friend to keep her company at night!

Doudou et Compagnie cherry rabbit rattle booties 
These have the be the absolute cutest slippers that will ever keep Maddie’s little feet warm. Another sort after luxurious French product that is made from super soft baby friendly material that is packaged in the most beautiful gift box. This is something I would have loved to have received at my baby shower! They are absolutely gorgeous and are just the cutest on Maddie’s chubby little legs that love to kick about and rattle the little rattles inside the booties.

All these gorgeous favourites can be found at the Hush Baby Boutique:
91 Problem Mkhize Road (Old Cowey Road), Essenwood, Durban
031 207 3710

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