What Maddie Loves – All Things Holistic Baby Products

One of the best things about becoming a mom has been meeting like minded moms and coming across amazing baby brands on Instagram and All Things Holistic was one of these amazing brands!

Locally produced by a qualified doula (a person who is trained to help a mum and dad through their pregnancy, during their birth as well as postpartum) Sumaiyya, started ‘All Things Holistic’ over four years ago after becoming more and more aware of the chemicals and preservatives in everyday products, half of which we can’t even pronounce! After deciding that if it wasn’t safe enough to eat, there was no way it was going into or onto her body.

Starting with organic basic body scrubs, body butters, hair and body oils, foot and hand evening balms using local raw materials, Sumaiyya soon realised that there was a dire need for such products for babies after noticing skin conditions babies were developing.

Having launched ‘All Things Holistic Baby Care’ since April, Sumaiyya’s handmade and homemade organic, baby range is internationally certified and is organic based with aromatherapy oils which is produced specifically for our little ones (which has been certified organic by  The Soil Association (UK) and Eco Cert  (France).).

I was lucky enough to get my hands on her amazing day range of baby essentials including the; organic baby lotion, organic baby body wash, organic baby shampoo, multi purpose balm and the organic baby soap.

I have been using these amazing products for over two weeks and they are amazing! Since the birth of my little girl I have been very careful in choosing body products for her and using organic based products free of any unnecessary chemicals that may harm her delicate skin.

Who doesn’t love a baby all creamed and powered up with amazing smelling hair! Well All Things Holistic knock this enjoyment out the park! After bathing and moisturising Maddie up she honestly smells like she has just come back from a trip to the spa! Her skin feels silky smooth and hydrated and the smell of these products are unlike any baby products I have come across.

Their day range contains Melissa and Geranium essential oils and besides the amazing smell, these products do not cause the side effects associated with fragrances, and the oils contained in these precious little bottles are well known for their calming and soothing  qualities as well as having a positive effect on eczema.

I am still to try the night range of lotion, body wash and shampoo which contains lavender and Roman chamomile essential oils which is believed to have a great effect on settling babies, inducing sleep and the antispasmodic qualities and is helpful for colic.
Understanding that as a mom we have to pack a variety of products in our nappy bag, Sumaiyya cleverly formulated one product, a multi purpose balm which can be used for multiple purposes including; nappy rash, teething and dribble rash, eczema, mozzie bites, as a night time moisturiser, foot balm… you name it. This balm has a base of calendula oil, a herb widely known for its antiseptic, anti microbial action which speeds up the healing of wounds and minor cuts as well as reduces inflammation.With added non-bleached  beeswax, this balm adds in a layer of protection to the skin aiding in any healing cuts, abrasions, scrapes and wounds baby may have – making this tub of gold a total nappy bag must have!


All the products in the range are hypoallergenic, vegan, SLES  free, Chemical free and are deeply moisturising… what more could I as a mom want and need for my precious princess? I am sold!

The range is available directly from Sumaiyya or from Organic on at Westwood Mall. Contact Sumaiya at Sumaiyya@mothersintuition.co.za or www.mothersintuition.co.za

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