Monrobe Sorbet – 3D Eyelashes

I recently had the pleasure of being the second person (yes… the second!) to have my eyelashes done by the incredible Portia at Sorbet Gateway. A new offering to the salon.

Having always had long eyelashes I thought hmmm… should I, shouldn’t I and now that I have been and sporting my new lashes around – I am SO glad I took the time out to have them done.

I am a new mom – which means I don’t often get an hour to myself without having to attend to my daughter so when I set the appointment up at Sorbet Gateway to have my lashes done – I couldn’t wait to leave my worries, to do list and responsibilities outside when entering the treatment room.

I have never had any sort of fake lashes on my eyes so I was very excited to try have the volume eye lash extensions applied. My therapist, Portia explained that the treatment comes in three different lengths, nine, 10 or 11 and my natural length is a nine, I decided an 11 would be a good fit without being too ‘WOW’.

After a very relaxed hour and a half of lying on the treatment bed, listening to some soft classical music, my lashes were applied – painless…


What impressed me the most was the fact that a scar (which I had after having a cyst removed from my eye lid a few years back) in which my eyelashes were missing from, were filled like they weren’t ever missing!

The treatment is highly recommended for ladies who have thin lashes, with an inconsistent fill who want soft and light lashes with a wow factor!

The best part about this new treatment offered at Sorbet Gateway is the introductory price of R1000 for the application! The treatment lasts up to a month with a fill needed every two weeks… low maintenance and having had my lashes on for just under a week – not a single strand has fallen out!

Doing your make up is just amazing with lashes! It is so effortless and mascara isn’t even needed! Plus the compliments have been non-stop! I could get use to this…

Before & after:


Monrobe and Sorbet Gateway have teamed up to offer all my readers a 10% discount on any treatment done at their salon – all you need to do is quote my name when paying! So if you needed an extra push to spoil yourself with a set of lashes – this is your push! 

Book your volume eye lash extensions treatment by phoning Sorbet Gateway on 031 566 3208.

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